The WhatsApp Silence……

First guests of the monsoon and here we welcomed a bunch of oldies whom we recognize as dad’s chuddy buddies. We are finely acquainted with these faces for we have often seen the group titling, jiggling and even bursting into laughter at weddings, Bhog ceremonies ...

PUNJAB: An Idea In Search Of Words

AMIDST THE cacophony of competing claims to speak on behalf of Punjab, any sincere claim to do so is necessarily a fraught one. Leaving aside the truth of the claim, it has to contend with a land almost blinded by the instant solutions syndrome, whether ...

Want to save your house? Fight for the entire town's Fire Brigade system
04.08.17 - PT Bureau

NDTV'S Ravish Kumar spoke to Devy yesterday; Arnab Goswami, it's your turn today to save the Republic. Tomorrow, lovers of Punjabi can sit on a dharna.
But it is alright if you missed it. Devy was yesterday at the India International Centre where 11 volumes of ...

Indian woman Anny Divya becomes world’s youngest woman commander to fly Boeing 777
29.07.17 - team pt

An Indian woman has become the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777 aircraft in the world. Anny Divya gained the title of commander at just 30 years old, overcoming her humble beginnings to achieve what had always been considered an outlandish ambition by her ...

Happy Canada 150!
"land of opportunities"
01.07.17 - Sanjeev Ahluwalia

Some decisions one makes in life are bereft of a sane logic. In fact they defy the rationales of wisdom, especially from the angle of practicality. One such crucial decision that I had made almost 18 years ago was to immigrate to Canada and explore ...

28.06.17 - shams kabir

Born to an army officer, and living the 71 war at Udhampur as a 4 year old, very close to the action - means one cut one's teeth on patriotism. I always thought I could kill for my country. I still think I can. I ...

He apologised, and reminded us of a Punjabi we should raise a monument to
18.06.17 - kamjaat singh

EARLIER THIS WEEK, former Chief Justice of India P N Bhagwati died. He was 96. As most readers would have noted, most obituaries in the wake of his demise mentioned two notable things about the late judge – his role in giving us the tool ...

14.06.17 - amita paul

Dear Fellow Human Beings on Planet Earth,
This is just a small but grim reminder to you that Human Civilization is but a thin veneer on the genus Homo Species Homo Sapiens , and that Savage Chaos is our original state, to which we can relapse ...

PAY ATTENTION or someone will offer you a bit of water
13.06.17 - kanwar manjit singh

We have always had the world, and we have always had the environment. We have had them every single day of our existence on this planet. So, then, why have a World Environment Day? Because we may not have the world, and the environment one ...

Truth is Stranger than Fiction
25.05.17 - Eva Arora

Have you ever wondered if some crazy psychopath is writing a novel in which you are the protagonist? It obviously has to be a crazy writer because your life is definitely stranger than any novel you can ever read. Because who bumps her head ten ...

Sikhs, Christians should speak up against Hindutva mobs before it’s too late
29.04.17 - Sunny Hundal*

As right wing forces flex their Hindutva muscles and use them against Muslims across the country, Sikhs and Christians will be watching in worry. But the time for them to speak out is now, not when the mob comes for them. By then it will ...

When the Mughals turned to demonetisation
29.04.17 - Prakash Bhandari*

The Indian rupee, which draws its name from the Sanskrit word rupyakam, has been at the centre of many discussions and debates following the demonetisation of high value currency notes on November 8.

But this is not the first time that India's currency of the time ...

Pearls as Harvest of Patience and Love - Scaling Political Walls To Reach Human Hearts
31.03.17 - harcharan bains

I am particularly happy for something I learned from my mother. Never confuse opinions with persons. Opinions are not people. They are not even the most important things about a person. You must meet opinion with opinion and a person with person. Never mistake a ...

An Unusual Encounter
26.03.17 - Harcharan Bains*

For the first time in my life today, I met a strong and handsome but aggressive dog who would have none of my love overtures or even offers. He would have nothing but a one on one duel -Russian style-and kept challenging me to it. 
He ...

Suresh Kumar – The Importance of Being Earnest
17.03.17 - kanwar manjit singh

Suresh Kumar, a retired IAS officer, is now the Chief Principal Secretary to CM, a move that political pundits say is a sign that Chief Minister Amarinder Singh wants an efficiently run CMO on which no mud sticks.

With the bespectacled razor-sharp man who ran the ...

The untold story of Kaur Singh – A forgotten Indian boxer who fought Muhammad Ali
16.03.17 - Shantanu Prasher*

Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer to have ever graced the ring. While Ali will be forever remembered, Kaur Singh, the only Indian boxer to have ever faced Ali in the ring, has remained completely unknown. This is the story of the Kaur Singh.
It was ...

Poli-tics: It is as simple as that
13.03.17 - harcharan bains*

When you lose in life, the first weakness you must --MUST -- resist is the temptation to blame it on everything except one's own mistakes or find excuses for one's own shortcomings. Every failure can always be traced back to something or the other we ...

Arvind Kejriwal - Jab Ishq Tumhen Ho Jayega
12.02.17 - nischay pal

WITH THE RAGING conversations going on around street corners, at roadside tea shops and in tony neighbourhoods in Punjab, it is all the more necessary that we try to understand a little more of this thing called Arvind Kejriwal. And we name him —instead of ...

The Pioneering Doctor who Discovered the First Case of HIV in India 30 Years Ago
03.12.16 - Sanchari Pal*

When Suniti Solomon, the groundbreaking HIV researcher who documented the first cases of the infection in India in 1986, passed away on July 28, 2015, The New Yorker wrote:

"As HIV swept across the world, in the mid-nineteen-eighties, no country possessed a more menacing mix of ...

Girish Nikam - In Memoriam
07.11.16 - TEAM PT

Senior journalist GIRISH NIKAM is no more. The much respected journalist died in harness - doing what he used to do best. He recorded his last show for Rajya Sabha TV today, and passed away a little later. Sharp, incisive, balanced, impressively informed, Girish Nikam ...

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