My Lords, Conduct Yourselves With Dignity In Court
05.12.19 - Markandey Katju

A SENIOR Supreme Court Judge of India recently lost his temper in Court at a senior Supreme Court lawyer, allegedly because the latter was repeating an argument which had already been made by another lawyer in the same case, and at his retort.
The Judge ...

The Priyanka Reddy rape and murder: A Note of Caution
30.11.19 - Markandey Katju & Dhruti Kapadia

The rape and murder of veterinary doctor Dr Priyanka Reddy, and the subsequent burning of her body in Hyderabad, has rightly enraged many people in India, and has indicated the dangers which working women in India face, particularly if they have to travel at night ...

AYODHYA VERDICT: Why the Sikhs are angry and the reasons for their confusion
28.11.19 - Charu Soni

THE BABRI MASJID case is not just a title dispute. It’s a dispute between the idea of the nation state and the idea of India that ordinary people carry in their hearts and minds.

Babri Masjid 1863-1887. Credit: Getty’s images
On one hand you have the demand for ...

TN Seshan — The Man Who 'Ate Politicians For Breakfast'
14.11.19 - VIPIN PUBBY

IT IS RARE to find such an outpouring of grief on the passing away of a government officer who retired about 25 years. But then former chief election commissioner T N Seshan was no ordinary officer. He was an institution in himself.

He not only made ...

Thudding sound from the roof
09.11.19 - ANIRUDH KALA

Last night, I woke up because there was this thudding sound from the roof and people babbling animatedly. Ran up to find a gaggle of men and women in strange dresses with pick axes and hammers discussing how to raze the house down.

"Why?" I asked ...

Uniting under the Chinar tree
03.11.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

Many years ago, in 2014, I tried to create an organisation called the Chinar Foundation for uniting all Kashmiris - Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, and for promoting the Kashmiri Sufi culture (see my article Chinar Foundation on my blog Satyam Bruyat of December 2014). My ...

Achha, naam kya tha us ka? Aaj Shardhanjali Samagam hai!
02.11.19 -

Achha, naam kya tha us ka? 
Chorro, ab mar gaya. Aaj Shardhanjali Samagam hai! Ab jaan kar kya karoge?

Angrezi mein vaise bhee nahi chhapta. 

ONE CAN WRITE WITH considerable flourish about a man like him, but is that really necessary? Bare facts should be able to make ...

Are you ready to count the corpses of Panjab?
Exclusive Excerpt - 'Panjab: Journeys Through Fault Lines'

‘If you want to understand Panjab, be ready to count its corpses,’ said the photographer as he reached for the drawer in his desk. On that spring afternoon, Satpal Danish and I had met at his shop in the Brahm Buta Akhara, near the Guru ...

Bonhomie between a Muslim Nawab and Kashmiri Pandit diwan
19.10.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

Pt Tribhuwan Nath Katju was my great grandfather (father of my grandfather Dr KN Katju, former Union Home and Law Minister, Governor of West Bengal and Odisha, and CM of MP). The story of the relation between him and the then Nawab of the Indian ...

Rajeev Dhavan, the Atticus Finch of Our Times
16.10.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

Senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India, Rajeev Dhavan reminds me of Atticus Finch, the courageous lawyer in Harper Lee’s famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird – based on the actual Scottsboro case – who bravely defended a black man who was falsely accused ...

Revolution and Introspection: Could it be hubris that is distorting your vision?
13.10.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

A contemporary of mine in the Allahabad University, where I had studied from 1963-67, who is a retired IAS officer, recently sent me this email :


I have always admired you for your blog Satyam Bruyat. But when the entire world seems to disagree with you, ...

Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?
Diary of a Lock-down

Introduction: On October 2, 2019 it was the 58th day of the Kashmir lock-down. Of Kashmir's people denied of basic amenities, food and essential medicines, and modes of communication and information with each other and with the world at large. For the last fifty-eight days, ...

Partition was a historical British swindle on basis of bogus two nation theory
A FB chat with a Pakistani
28.09.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

A Pakistani lady, Ayesha Tariq, who is an Asst Prof of English Literature in a College in Lahore sent me a Facebook message today, which started a Fb chat given below:

Ayesha Tariq:  Sir, this is the comment i read by some Indian named Vijay Sinha ...

I won’t trouble your shoulders!
Thanks, But NO Thanks!
26.09.19 - kanwar manjit singh

September 26 is an important day in my life dateline. Today, to make it more memorable, I have taken a decision that may be insignificant in others’ views, but seems important to me.

A bit of a background: whenever I write or post something that criticizes ...

Following the Pied Piper of to their doom!
25.09.19 - Justice Markandey Katju

It was a dictum of the Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels that the bigger the lie, the more easily it will be swallowed.

To say everything is fine in India ( and that too in several languages ), when the Indian economy is sinking, with steep ...

Kashmir, the long walk home
22.09.19 - Jang-Vijay Singh

During this three-decade long conflict in Kashmir, many left Kashmir and moved on. I have often wondered, if after the loss, the pain, and longing, anyone ever had some sense of closure with just "moving on". My family also left Kashmir, with them first and ...

A sensitive intergenerational story of traumatic events in Punjab’s history

Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s epic novel scores in bringing together narratives centred on Punjab that until now have almost always been viewed in isolation. This story about Bibi-ji, Nooran, Jyot and Niki travels across four countries and two continents as Sodhi weaves a rich tapestry of ...

Please mourn the man I believe Arun Jaitley was
24.08.19 - kanwar manjit singh

ARUN JAITLEY died in pain, and it had nothing to do with the soft tissue cancer or renal troubles. Those were battles that he faced with fortitude. He would have been at peace if he had seen the people of Kashmir singing Ladishah songs or ...

A senior psychiatrist questions IPA denial of Lancet concern over Kashmir's mental health issues

Three days back the international magazine Lancet wrote an editorial raising alarm on the affect of abrogation of Article 370 and 35A and the heavy deployment of armed forces in Kashmir. 

In response, the current President of the Indian Psychiatric Association Dr Mrugesh Vaishnav has sent ...

The unseen community: A brief history of Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir
19.08.19 - KOMAL JB SINGH

KASHMIR IS BACK in the news. This time it is about the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. There is a constant debate on TV channels on social media and in the news. Everyone is jumping in, mostly driven by a sense of nationalism. The ...

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