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As expected, NGT gives more time to AOL to pay Rs 5 crore
11.03.16 08:08 as Environment - pt team

As we have anticipated in an earlier story, National Green Tribunal has extended the deadline for paying Rs. 5 crore fine for organising three-day long 'World Culture Festival' by Art of Living at New Delhi.
However, the relief to the AOL Foundation came with a stinker ...

Art of Stubbornness: We Will Go To Jail But Not Pay Any Fine: Sri Sri
10.03.16 03:02 as Environment - pt team

Saiyan Bhaye Kotwal Ab Dar Kahe Ka seems to be the message being conveyed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the so-called spiritual guru with a worldwide following, when today he told NDTV that "We have not done anything wrong...we will go to jail but not ...




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