Allahabad school principal, 8 teachers quit after ‘ban’ on national anthem for being 'un-Islamic'
Allahabad school principal, 8 teachers quit after ‘ban’ on national anthem for being 'un-Islamic'

The principal and teachers of a school in Allahabad have reportedly resigned after the school authorities refused them permission to organise a programme on Aug. 15 on the occasion of Independence Day. The programme would have included singing of the national anthem and a Saraswati Vandana, but the school authorities apparently said the words "Bharata Bhagya Vidhata" were un-Islamic, and hence the programme could not be allowed. 

The order was passed by Mohammad Zia-ul Haq, Manager of MA Convent School in Sadiabad locality of Allahabad. Situated in the densely populated Muslim dominated locality, the school has a total of 330 students.
"The school has 200 Hindu students while remaining 130 are Muslims. How can he ban things like Vande Mataram and national anthem citing stupid religious reasons. I left the school as soon as I heard about this. Eight more teachers have also left the job as this is not acceptable at all,” said Ritu Shukla the Principal of the school.

School manager, Mohd Zialul Haq said the orders were passed when some Muslim parents objected that their children will not sing songs which are against their religion.

"National anthem has a line ‘Bharat bhagya vidhata’ which is against Islam as ALLAH is our bhagya vidhata. How can we say Bharat has made our destiny,” he questioned, adding that "In the national anthem, the country has been described as being bigger and more important than ‘mazhab’ (religion) and ‘khuda’ (god) which would be unacceptable to any true Muslim.”

The school, M A Convent, is a private institution with classes from nursery to eighth. The school has around 330 students.

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