Victorias to vanish from Mumbai roads
15.04.16 - Shashank Bengali

Nothing seems to faze 15-year-old Amol as he marches through the pell-mell streets of Mumbai's historic district: not the pedestrians darting through traffic as if on a dare, not the car horns constantly blaring behind him, not even a derelict red bus that zooms past ...

Selfie Craze : 5 tourists fall off cliff in Goa, 2 severely hurt
03.03.16 - PT Team

The selfie craze seems to have gone very awry in India.
The Washington Post has reported that of at least 27 "selfie-related” deaths around the world last year, about half occurred in India. Indians were killed by an oncoming train, falling out of a boat, falling ...

Mughal Garden in Rashtrapati Bhavan opens for general public
25.02.16 - PT Team

The world famous Mughal Gardens in Rashtrapati Bhavan will remain open for general public from February 12 to March 19, (except on Mondays which are maintenance days) between 9.30 AM to 4 PM. Members of the public will also be able to visit the Spiritual ...




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