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Sikh Preacher Dhadrianwala speaks about sarkari school. Katha-vachaks need to move beyond, talk politics.
18.04.18 - PT BUREAU

THIS IS WELL KNOWN Sikh preacher, Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, speaking in village Jhunir of Mansa district on April 13. 
It is good to see a kathavachak, a preacher speaking about the politics of private schools and government-run schools. He seems cued in very well, and ...

Social Media and Online Predators
16.04.18 - USAMA KHILJI

IDEALLY, ONE SHOULD not have to worry about unwelcome advances, whether in a physical or online space; but as most — especially women — would testify, the reality is far from a world where unsolicited advances are non-existent. Equally alarming is the kind of overtures ...




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