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Hitler, Modi and Gandhi: On the same page?
Shunning the architects of hate
21.03.18 - Rafia Zakaria

THE COVER OF the book is dark blue and the faces featured most prominently on it are those of Nelson Mandela and Narendra Modi. Those are not the only featured faces, however; right next to Modi and in front of Gandhi and next to Aung ...

Student Union Elections in Punjab Were Banned 33 Years Ago. It’s Time To Undo The Wrong.
09.03.18 - Dr. Balvinder Singh

Haryana will have student elections this year after 22 years. Why not Punjab?
AFTER A GAP of 22 years, Haryana will hold elections to students’ unions in its colleges and universities this year. In Punjab, student body elections on campuses were banned in 1984. It has ...

University College Miranpur celebrates Women’s Day
08.03.18 - TEAM PT

University College Miranpur under the supervision of its in-charge Prof. Mani InderPal Singh, celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8. Department of English of the college organized a special lecture on this occasion. Dr. Rupinder Kaur, Department of English, Punjabi University, Patiala was invited as ...

06.03.18 - TEAM PT

There was absolutely nothing before the Big Bang, according to British physicist Stephen Hawking, who explained what happened prior to the existence of our universe. The Big Bang theory proposes that a tiny speck of matter and energy began to grow, bringing about the birth ...

University of California honours Dr Khush with US Davis Medal
05.03.18 - TEAM PT

LUDHIANA: University of California (USA) selected Dr Gurdev Singh Khush, known as bringer of rice revolution in the world, for the prestigious 2018 US Davis Medal.
This Medal is the highest honour given by the University to those who have made exceptional and sustained contribution in ...

New UGC norm to be implemented; will effect SC/ST, OBC faculty reservation
02.03.18 - TEAM PT

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has accepted the University Grants Commission’s proposal to calculate reservations in teaching posts by department, instead of basing the quotas on the number of posts available at a university.
This could reduce the reservation for faculty from Scheduled Caste and ...

Panjab: Whetstone Of India’s Democracy
01.03.18 - Amandeep Sandhu

FOR HALF A CENTURY (from the 1920s to the 1960s), like a colossus, Master Tara Singh straddled the region, the society, the community we call Panjab. His life had immense highs and lows and his role in the making of modern Panjab and the history ...




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