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Theatre and Journalism command immense credibility and impact - Manpal Tiwana
26.03.16 - Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Theatre and Journalism command immense credibility and impact - Manpal Tiwana

Renowned theatre artist and director-producer Manpal Tiwana described theatre and journalism as most appropriate channels for bringing change in the society. He said that theatre and press media command immense credibility and impact because both mediums inform, educate and entertain the masses.

Interacting with students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department of Mata Gujri College, Fatehgarh Sahib during annual ‘Media Fest – Sahaafat 2016’, Chief Guest of the function Manpal Tiwana said that he would have been a journalist if he had not chosen the theatre.
Watching a number of documentaries and short films made by the students of the department, Manpal Tiwana shared his expertise and experiences with the students besides narrating the success stories of his father Harpal Tiwana, one of the most prominent Punjabi playwrights of all time and his mother Nina Tiwana, an actress known for movies Long Da Lishkara, Diva Balle Sari Raat, Murder Unveiled and Bhabo. He promised the journalism student that they would soon witness the play ‘Ammi’ of Nina Tiwana and Nirmal Rishi at their college.

Replying to a query raised by a student on the future of theatre in India, Tiwana said that now-a-days it was not uncommon to find leading companies and organisations supporting efforts like holding a theatre festival or carnival of plays. He said that theatre continues to attract a new brand of young and talented actors, directors and playwrights. "Although the emergence of cinema had once given an elbow jerk to the popularity of theatre as the main medium of popular entertainment, several film personalities themselves had contributed for the growth and promotion of the theatre”, he added.

Meanwhile, Vikas Juneja, Associate Director of Punjabi movie ‘Oh My Pyo Ji’ gave tips on the film making and video editing. He said that blend of talent, art and technology was always required for successful production, may it be film making or theatre.

On this occassion, Dr. Jatinder Singh Sidhu, Director Principal of Mata Gujri College welcomed the guests and Head of Department Prof. Reena Kaur Dhillon extended vote of thanks. Dr. Sidhu congratulated the department for successfully conducting the annual media fest. Chief Guest also distributed prizes to the students bagging top positions in photography, press note writing, caption writing, express yourself, on the spot writing, radio jockeying and radio news reading competitions. 

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Students should not isolate themselves from events in world: Manmohan Singh
19.03.16 - pt team
Students should not isolate themselves from events in world: Manmohan Singh

Describing students as an "integral part of the societal fabric”, Congress leader and former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh on Saturday asked the student community in the country "not to isolate themselves from the happenings” surrounding them.
"Students are an integral part of the societal fabric. They must understand the importance of the relationship between themselves as individuals and society as a whole. It is undoubted that the main occupation of students is studying. But this does not give them the liberty to isolate themselves from happenings of the world surrounding them,” Singh said while addressing students at Bapu Gujarat Knowledge Village Campus located at Vasan in Gandhinagar district.
According to the Indian Express report though the former prime minister did not touch up any controversial issues touching students in India, these comments from the veteran leader comes at a time when issues of "equality and intolerance” have topped national debates due to incidents involving students in Jawaharlal Nehru University and University of Hyderabad.
Talking to students on the topic of "Creative role of students in future of India”, Singh asked the students community to align with "decision makers” to resolve the problems facing by the society. "The youth of today has a bright vision for the future. They want a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and intolerance. It is the role our student population in creating and spreading awareness of these problems faced by our society. The students should join hands with various decision makers in public and private in discovering and realising this beautiful dream,” he said.
Stating that a "good education system must also promote the value enshrined in our Constitution” the Congress leader said, "I wish to emphasise that what we receive in the class room is information, what we preserve is knowledge, what we use is intelligence, but what, when and how we use it is wisdom,” he told the gathering at the education campus set up by former Gujarat chief minister and the present leader of opposition in the Gujarat Assembly, Shankersinh Vaghela.
Touching upon the issues of unemployment among youth and the skewed sex ratio plaguing the nation, Manmohan Singh urged the students to "take up the mantle” and lead the country to be a top economic force in the world. "One of the greatest challenges faced by India is its unemployed youth. In spite of a fast growing economy like ours, where new industries and thereby new opportunities spring up everyday, a large segment of of our youth are deprived of the job opportunities owing to lack of education and skill. It is in this dimension that a well educated student force can be most helpful in nation building,” he added.
The former prime minister pointed out that at the current population growth rate, an addition 10-12 million people will be added to the workforce every year. "This means that by the year 2030, the working age population in the 16-65 year bracket will cross the one billion mark. Providing gainful employment to this vast labour force is a big challenge,” he added. 

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US needs Indian students, they shouldn't be kicked out : Trump
15.03.16 - pt team
US needs Indian students, they shouldn't be kicked out : Trump

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said that Indian students can stay in the United States as they are 'smart people' and the US needs them.

"We educate a lot of people, very smart people. We need those people in the country,” Trump told Fox News in an interview.

According to Dawn, Trump, who has openly called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration in US, was of the view that Indian students come and get themselves enrolled in institutions like Harvard, study and then go back to India where they set-up companies and 'employ lots of people'.

Regarding Indians who have US H1B visas, he said that many of them want to stay in US.

The US H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialised fields such as architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine.

Trump, during his campaign for White House, has repeatedly criticised the H1-B visa program maintaining that it has taken away jobs from American workers.

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After spending a year in space, astronaut Scott Kelly announces retirement
12.03.16 -
After spending a year in space, astronaut Scott Kelly announces retirement

After spending nearly a year in space, astronaut Scott Kelly is hanging up his spacesuit.

NASA announced Mr. Kelly’s retirement on Friday, less than two weeks after he returned to Earth. He leaves the space agency on April 1.

The 52-year-old Kelly spent a U.S.-record 340 days in orbit on the International Space Station to see how the human body holds up for long periods of time in space. His results are being compared to those on the ground from his twin brother, Mark, who is a retired astronaut.
Scott Kelly also holds the American record for most time in space- 520 days over four missions.

"I look forward to continuing my 30 years of public service in a new role,” Mr. Kelly, who joined the Navy in 1987, said in a Facebook post. "To continue toward any journey, we must always challenge ourselves to take the next step.”

During his one-year trip, Mr. Kelly posted hundreds of images, mostly of Earth from orbit, on social media. But he also engaged in a little fun, donning a gorilla suit that was a gag gift from his brother and chasing fellow astronauts through the space station in a video.

"This year-in-space mission was a profound challenge for all involved, and it gave me a unique perspective and a lot of time to reflect on what my next step should be on our continued journey to help further our capabilities in space and on Earth,” Mr. Kelly said in a statement issued by NASA.

No specific plans for what’s next were announced. But Kelly will continue to undergo periodic medical tests as part of his year-in-space mission, NASA said.

"Adjusting in space is easier than adjusting to Earth for me,” Kelly said in his first postflight news conference a week ago. Even then he gave a hint of what was to come, saying he doubted he’d fly again for NASA but adding, "I’ll never be done with space. I will always be involved.”

Mr. Kelly’s departure means the space agency is losing its biggest star, said John Logsdon, a retired space policy professor.

"I’m willing to bet that no one could name another NASA astronaut, anyone not close to the programme,” Mr. Logsdon said. "It clears the way for the next generation of space fliers. There are a few veteran fliers left, but not many.”

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, a retired astronaut himself, said the space agency and science in general is grateful to Kelly, who he added deserves "meals that don’t come in a bag, a cold beer, hot showers, cool autumn breezes, the sounds of birds chirping, the ability to lay his head on an actual pillow and so much more of the pleasures of life.”

Astronauts who eventually will land on Mars "will be following in the footsteps of one of the finest astronauts in the history of the space programme, my friend, Commander Scott Kelly,” Mr. Bolden said in a statement.

Mr. Kelly returned from the space station on March 2, landing in Kazakhstan with Russia’s Mikhail Kornienko, his partner for the one-year mission. The usual space station stint is six months.

"It’s very, very sensitive,” he told reporters last week. "It’s almost like a burning feeling wherever I like sit or lie or walk.”

Before leaving orbit, Mr. Kelly tweeted- "The journey isn’t over. Follow me as I rediscover Earth!” AP.

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PAU Alumni, Professor H. Deep Saini is new Vice Chancellor of University of Canberra
09.03.16 - Emma Macdonald
PAU Alumni, Professor H. Deep Saini is new Vice Chancellor of University of Canberra

Professor H. Deep Saini,Vice-President of the University of Toronto, has been appointed the next vice-chancellor of the University of Canberra. He will take up the position of this year on  September 1.
Professor Saini completed his undergraduate and masters degrees at the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana, India, and holds a doctorate in plant physiology from the University of Adelaide.
He began his Canadian academic career at the University of Alberta as a post-doctoral fellow, joined the Université de Montréal where he served as the director-general of the Plant Biology Research Institute and then moved to the University of Waterloo as dean of the Faculty of Environment.
In August 2010, Professor Saini assumed leadership of the University of Toronto Mississauga. During his tenure, he has been in charge of overseeing several multi-million construction projects on campus.
The University of Canberra's newly-announced Vice-Chancellor, Professor H. Deep Saini, said he was convinced to move half way around the world because of the unique campus redevelopment vision of outgoing Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker.
Speaking from Toronto where he is Vice-President of the University of Toronto - Canada's top-ranked, largest and most research-intensive university - Indian-born Professor Saini said the opportunity to lead a young and progressive university had been impossible to turn down.
According to the report of Canberra Times, Professor Saini is leaving two daughters and a grandchild behind in Canada to relocate with his wife Rani.
He spent part of a sabbatical living in Canberra in 2000 while he worked at the CSIRO.
"I know Canberra well, it is no mystery to me, but I look forward to discovering new things."
Professor Saini said decades of acclimatisation to Canadian winters had prepared him well for the move.
Professor Parker will step down from the role on July 1, after more than nine years in the job, with the UC Council to appoint an acting Vice-Chancellor until Professor Saini commences his appointment.
Professor Saini said he had been approached about the job by an international headhunter last November, while he had been holidaying with his wife in a remote part of Southern India.
"I have to say at first I was not sure, but I began looking closely at the University of Canberra and its 'Educated Life' campus development plan and the more I looked, the more it excited me. The university is an outward
facing institution on a great trajectory … and I want to contribute to it in a meaningful way."
He described UC as having "an audacious academic path. It has remarkably enterprising, distinctive and bold plans, which are already producing impressive results".
Chancellor and chair of the University Council, Professor Tom Calma, said the university's governing body had been delighted that "the internationally experienced university leader and academic has agreed to become the University of Canberra's fifth vice-chancellor".
"Professor Saini's outstanding academic pedigree and vast international experience will be key to delivering on our vision to be recognised as one of Australia's most innovative tertiary institutions; world-ranked, with regional, national and international reach," Professor Calma said.
Professor Parker said he was also very pleased to learn of the appointment.
"Professor Saini comes from a very senior position in a truly world-leading university and will be great for the University of Canberra. He will have my full support as I hand over the many exciting projects that the University is undertaking."
(Courtesy: Canberra Times)

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