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No overruling of AG, regulator for universities in line with recommendation: CM
26.10.17 - TEAM PT
No overruling of AG, regulator for universities in line with recommendation: CM

Chandigarh/Jalandhar: Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh has categorically denied overruling the recommendations of the Advocate General(on right in pic) to set up a regulator for the universities in the state, saying the move was in line with the legal advice given by the AG and was aimed at strengthening the higher education system.

Contrary to what has been claimed in a report appearing in a section of the media, Advocate General Atul Nanda has clearly and unequivocally recommended enactment of a legislation by the state to provide for a State Regulator for the universities, said amarinder, in a statement here on Thursday. There was no "overruling” of the AG, nor was there any "opposition from within”, as suggested by the media report, he stated emphatically.

The shocking disregard shown by the media to the facts was highly condemnable, said the CM, pointing out that the media report in question itself has quoted the concerned minister as saying that the "the government has decided to go ahead with the proposal.” This statement clearly indicated that the proposal by the AG favoured setting up the regulator, he added.

The AG, in his report to the Chief Minister, has clearly recommended that "the State may enact legislation providing for a State Regulator” with care being taken that there is no conflict with the powers and functions of institutions constituted under Central enactments. How this can be construed to mean that the AG was not in favour of a regulator for universities was unfathomable, said Captain, urging the media to be more careful and responsible in its reportage.

The growing tendency of the media to distort and misrepresent facts, and in some cases to falsify them completely in a bid to sensationalise their stories, was a matter of concern, he said. As the fourth pillar of democracy, the media is accountable to the people and should do justice to the role it is expected to play, he added.

The Chief Minister said, as suggested by the AG, a regulatory for universities was essential to protect the interests of the students and to ensure that higher education institutions are not managed and operated like teaching shops.

Lack of accountability in matters of admissions, fee structure, number of seats, quality of teaching staff and research standards were serious ills afflicting the universities and needed to be addressed if the students were to be provided quality education to make them employable and successful in life, he stressed.

Later, speaking in Jalandhar, he made it clear that the government did not intend to interfere in any way in the higher education institutions and universities but only wanted to ensure that quality education is provide to students to make them better employable with higher income generation.

There are several deemed universities and private institutions in the state which do not find favour with corporates in terms of campus placement, necessitating steps to upgrade their educational standards, he added.

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Mega Diwali: 7.5 lakh university and college teachers to receive salary hike
11.10.17 - TEAM PT
Mega Diwali: 7.5 lakh university and college teachers to receive salary hike

DIWALI HAS COME early for teachers of central, state universities and aided colleges as the Union government on Wednesday extended benefits of the 7th Pay Commission to them.

"Assistant and associate professors of 329 state universities and 12,912 colleges will get the benefit of the 7th Pay Commission from January 1, 2016. Teachers of all centrally funded deemed universities and 43 central universities will be benefited," said Union minister Prakash Javadekar.
The move, expected to benefit 7.58 lakh university teachers, will "help attract talent into academics," the minister added.
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval for revision of pay scales for about 8 lakh teachers and other equivalent academic staff in higher educational institutions under the purview of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and in Centrally Funded Technical Institutions, following implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission for Central Government employees. 

In addition, the revised pay package will cover teachers of 119 Centrally Funded Technical Institutions viz. IITs, IISc, IIMs, IISERs, IIITs, NITIE. etc.

The annual Central financial liability on account of this measure would be about Rs. 9,800 crore.

The implementation of this pay revision will enhance the teachers' pay in the range of Rs. 10,400 and Rs. 49,800 as against the extant entry pay due to the implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission for the pay of teachers. This revision would register an entry pay growth in the range of 22 percent to 28 percent. 
In July, the government had notified the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission on allowances with 34 modifications, with a total financial implication of Rs 30,748.23 crore per annum.

The pay panel's recommendations will eventually benefit over 48 lakh government employees.

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Have Rs 25,000? Get your compartment cleared. Rs 50,000 for two subjects; No Discount; Diwali Special Sale
Have Rs 25,000? Get your compartment cleared.  Rs 50,000 for two subjects; No Discount; Diwali Special Sale

IN A RATHER daring move to shore up its revenue stream, the Guru Nanak Dev University will now charge a whopping Rs 25,000 per subject from a student wanting to clear his compartment examination. Students with compartments in more than one subject will have to shell out Rs 25,000 per examination paper, an official announcement made by the GNDU said.
Termed as a "One Time Special Chance,” students from 2011 onwards who were placed in the compartment category and have reappear/reappears, will be able to appear again, provided they can afford a fee of Rs. 25000 per paper. There is no provision of reducing the fee for any student, irrespective of financial status or any other reason.

"Why don't they end the drama of a university and simply auction the degrees to the highest bidders?" 
Dr. Manoj Kumar, Professor Incharge (Exams) said students can apply for this "special chance" for December 2017 from October 6 to October 23, and no form will be entertained after that deadline.  

In order to garner maximum revenue for the cash-strapped university, the GNDU Syndicate has opened the "Give Rs 25,000 per paper, and clear your compartment" scheme to everyone, including the students under Credit Based Continuous Evaluation Grading System, Semester System and Annual System.
Committed to the "studies and research on the life and teachings of Guru Nanak" and "spreading education among educationally backward classes and communities" — as per its mission statement on its own website, the GNDU's super-duper Pay Top Dollar For Golden Chance Scheme has left many students high and dry. Coming in the season of farmer suicides, the high cash-for-education planning may cost the politicians involved dearly.

The GNDU claimed that "in its eventful history of 43 years (it) has taken long strides in spreading the message of the Guru," but experts said spreading education among poor students may be slightly difficult if university charges dollar rates.
The decision was taken by the GNDU Syndicate, headed by Vice Chancellor Jaspal Singh Sandhu. Members include Registrar and Dean of the GNDU; Principal Secretary Punjab for Higher Education; MLAs Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Tarsem Singh, Harminder Singh Gill and Amit Vij; Agriculture Expert and Chancellor of Central University, Punjab Dr S S Johl, apart from other academics and a bunch of principals.

Established in 1969 to mark the advent of 500 years of Guru Nanak, the GNDU, which actually acknowledges on its website that educationally, "a large area is still beyond the reach of the rural poor" and that the university has been making efforts "to be proactive in its reach to the rural masses," will have to explain hard the Rs 25,000 per examination paper price tag.

Spreading Guru Nanak's Message, GNDU scheme says Come One Come All. If you failed in one subject, pay Rs 25,000, and appear in exam again. If you failed in two, pay Rs 50,000. NO DISCOUNT. But everyone can avail. Those who failed in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016...GNDU Motto is spreading the message of Guru Nanak.
Punjab Government is already under a very strong attack from farmers and other progressive groups which claim the state has been reducing public spending on health and education, and is instead facilitating five star hotels and private expensive universities.

The Rs 25,000 Special Diwali Sale Education Scheme is not likely to be taken lightly by the opposition or those fighting for a more responsible role of the government in the key domains of education and health.

"Why don't they end the drama of a university and simply auction the degrees to the highest bidders?" said a particularly angry retired professor of the GNDU.

Academic Dons React to GNDU’s Rs 25,000 per Compartment Exam Price Tag

Dr S P Singh, former vice chancellor, GNDU

"No comments.”

Dr Akshay Kumar, Professor, Department of English & Cultural Studies, Panjab University 

Driven to generate resources at their own ends, the Universities in Punjab are devising indirect means to exact more money from their students. Raising tuition fees is a risky proposition, so the method is to  raise fees of different services that the universities offer in the form of examinations, re-evaluation or migration charges. All this is at the cost of quality education. The rich can never fail, the poor shall simply drop out.

Dr Pramod Kumar, Director, Institute of Development and Communication (IDC)
Public sector universities, more so regional, are mandated to provide access to higher education to students on the margins. Charging such high fees and making education inaccessible negates the constitutional requirement. Not only the students but the university establishment itself should protest against the central govt making it conditional for public sector universities to raise some resources on their own to be eligible to get grants from the UGC. It is because of this pressure that higher charges are imposed. Rather, the universities should use the money collected from students to award merit-cum-means scholarships.

Prof Mohammed Khalid, Political Scientist, Panjab University, Chandigarh
Financially starved universities are resorting to such measures. The State is running away from its responsibilities and has no funds for its higher education institutions. Lopsided priorities are dominating the state policy. Nevertheless, charging such exorbitant fee for compartment examination is the worst kind of commercialisation of education. It is a mockery of the education system. 

Dr. Pyara Lal Garg, Former Professor; Former Registrar, Baba Farid University of Health Science 

The decision to charge such an exorbitant fee is anti-academic, anti-student, and is thoughtless. Such a decision can only be arrived at by shortsighted managements, which act as bad salesman and having a tubular vision due to their squeezed field of vision. Punjab is already starving on account of a dearth of intellectuals and shall be further pushed into a situation where the degrees, even of the universities run by the state, shall be on open sale, and shall be treated like paper purchased with money power instead of being seen as a mark of intellectual strength.

Prof Kuldip Puri, Professor, University School of Open Learning, Panjab University, Chandigarh
It's extremely dismaying. The decision of the university to charge such an irrationally high fee will deprive the economically poor students of this opportunity. One should realize that among such left behind students, many might have been facing genuine problems for which they could not sadly complete their courses in time. This auction kind of a fee structure is a cruel joke on their deprivation. I wish the Guru NANAK DEV University should have refrained from doing it.


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