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Beware! Your Smartphone Is Revealing Everything About You
26.12.19 - Team PT

DOES IT REALLY MATTER that your information isn’t actually anonymous?

In today’s smartphone economy, hiding your location has become a major challenge.

At any moment, someone knows where you are, or have been, and they might even be able to work out where you will go next.

For ...

Industry department accords one-time special opportunity to industrial units to migrate to new policy
18.12.19 - Team PT

The Punjab Industrial & Business Development Board has accorded one-time special opportunity of making application to such industrial units desirous and eligible for migration from Fiscal Incentives for Industrial Promotion (Revised) – 2013 to Industrial and Business Development Policy, 2017, within 60 days from the ...

The Onion Crisis in India
06.12.19 - Markandey Katju

The majority of India’s 1.35 billion people are very poor. And many of such poor people subsist by eating roti with some salt and a few onions, as they can afford little else. Onions are therefore as important for the Indian masses today, ...




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