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Guru Gobind Singh:
05.01.17 - Harcharan Bains

Seldom in the history of mankind has the ideal of a fusion between the temporal and the spiritual been achieved with such seamless ease as it does in the Sikh Gurus. Since the times of Guru Nanak Dev ji, one can see a remarkable emphasis on combining the spiritual pursuits with the need to wed these pursuits to the physical reality around the seeker of truth. In fact, the very rationale of Sikh philosophy springs from an opposition to the manner in which the spiritual aspect of life was sought to be divorced from one’s obligations to the compulsions of hard social reality. Thus, Guru Nanak Dev ji gave a call to mankind not cease the search for spiritual through wanderings in wild forests or deserts or faraway hills.

By the time, the sixth   Master, Guru Hargobind ji arrived on the spiritual and moral landscape of the country, India had ...

The Sikhs. Who the hell are they? And why do they wear the turban?
15.09.16 - preet k s bedi

Nanak was born to a Hindu family in 1469. Had there been application forms to fill chances are he would have referred to himself as Hindu. His successors and followers would probably have called themselves Nanakpanthis. There is general agreement that Sikhism remained a group within the Hindu fold for over half a century after Nanak before assuming an independent identity from the time of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth guru.  
Nanak was a fakir in the true sense. From the age of 30 he spent almost 25 years travelling intermittently in four or five long trips or udaasis to Tibet in the North, Bangladesh and Assam in the East, Sri Lanka in the South and Mecca and Iraq in the west. Evidence of his travels to Mecca where he may have gone as a Haji is weak but there is little doubt that he was a widely travelled man. ...




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