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Stand Up India, after Swachh Bharat, Make in India, Digital India. Who is accountable?
22.04.16 - preet k s bedi

Even his worst critics will not accuse Modi of not having tried hard; some say he works for over 18 hours a day. And yet, from the aam aadmi to the captains of industry, most are dissatisfied with the quality and speed of change. While we could quibble about his vision or strategy, there is a bigger concern. 
If someone like Modi has not been able to re-energize the system, is there really hope for any sort of radical change? 
The ubiquitous ‘system’ created by the British to perpetuate their rule has stood its ground unchanged for over 70 years. The need for control, the love of process and disdain for result, the titles and the acronyms, the formality and the language and even the same green paper with a vertical margin. 
During this period, the world outside has transformed many times over. Such is the level of integration today that deficient rainfall ...




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