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India’s finest legislation. Aborted by the political class and bureaucracy out of fear. And by you and me out of apathy
06.04.16 - preet k s bedi

1984 Delhi, 2733 dead. Only 49 convicted for murder/  2002 Gujarat, 1260 dead.  Only 225 convictions/  2013 Muzaffarnagar, 63 dead. All five judgments so far resulted in acquittal./ 2016 Haryana, 28 dead. Reports suggest police is unable to find witnesses willing to testify against their biradari.
The narrative has remained unchanged for decades. Tension builds up against a minority group; suddenly there is a spark and hell breaks loose. One of the first casualties is the formal chain of command. Cops and officials simply disappear or are mysteriously rendered ineffective. Once the chain of command has snapped, the riot is in full swing.
The fact that nothing at all has changed over the years is proof, if ever that was needed that whatever may be its advantages or disadvantages, the current  system of policing and administration ain’t working, and almost never in difficult times when security is most needed.
The problem in all ...




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